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On this page you'll find resources which are free for you to download, keep and use as much as you want. It would be great to hear how well you do at the quizzes, why not let us know on our Facebook? 

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Environment Quiz - How much do you know about... The Environment! 10 questions all about energy, recycling and litter. How much do you already know and how much more could you learn?

Emoji Animal Quiz - Are you good with emojis on your phone or computer? Do you know different types of animals? How about if we mix the 2 together? We've done just that!

Conundrums Quiz - Think you are good with words? Can you pick the real meaning of the word shown out of the 4 provided? Test yourself!

A Moment in Time Quiz - So many events have happened in history, as well as many faces coming into the limelight, but do you know what year these events happened or when these famous faces are from? 

Daniel and the Lions (Colouring) - Do you know the story of Daniel and the Lions? Maybe these colouring sheets can give you a reminder. 

Daniel and the Lions (Door hangers) - Looking for a bit of colour around the house? Maybe a bit of privacy? Use these door hangers to help with both of those!

Superheroes of the Bible (Colouring & Dot to Dot) - We hear all about superheroes, The Avengers, Batman, Superman etc, but did you know there were superheroes in the Bible to? People who saved and rescued people as well as doing amazing things? See if you recognise some of them and add some colour to our picks of Superheroes of the Bible!

Easter Colouring - Easter is all about joy and colour. Add your own colour to these images.

Fill in the Gaps - The Story of Easter - How well do you know the story of Easter? Not just the bit about the Crucifixion and Jesus' resurrection, but also the week leading up to it? Test your knowledge by filling in the gaps!

The Story of Easter - Want to just read the Easter story from start to finish? Well here's a PowerPoint just for that. Enjoy!

Guess Who Bible Edition - I'm sure everyone knows the classic game Guess Who where you have to ask questions about the people in the little pictures to work out who is in opponents hand (does he have a moustache, is it a girl etc). Well why not have a go at our version of Guess Who with a twist? Can you guess the figure in the Bible just from 3 short clues? Give it a go and test your knowledge!

Scattergories - Can you name 5 things beginning with 1 letter in the space of 1 minute? Test yourself! Why not make it a competition and test your family and friends...

Activity Cards for Bingo and Educational - Looking for a game to play? Maybe looking for some resources to help learning at home? Well hopefully this can help you! Use these activity cards to play a game of bingo with family or friends, match the items into groups to help with learning or be creative and come up with whatever you want to use them for!

Gratitude Jar - Now is a tough time in the world, but there is still so much to be thankful for and to show gratitude. Use these instructions to help make your own resource to show gratitude once a day!

What is it household items ? - Think you know the things which you may have in your house? Well would you know them if the images were zoomed in? Have a go and see how well you do!

What is it outdoors ? - Do you like to be outdoors? Is it harder to go and spot your favourite things while being stuck in? Well let's see if you can name our zoomed in items correctly!

Name 10 Things - Can you name 10 items within the category? Why not challenge yourselves and put a time limit on it? A great game to play with all the family!

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