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all the entries which have made up this collage)

Easter Cross Collage

Every year, on Easter Sunday, at Haywards Heath Methodist Church we put up a cross next to the altar and decorate it in bright and beautiful flowers to celebrate Jesus’ coming back from death. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak causing the closure of churches, sadly we are not able to do this as a congregation in this year. However, just because the church building is closed, it doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating the fact that Jesus rose again. So, this year we encouraged our congregation to create their very own crosses covered in flowers. Made, drawn or coloured, everyone has been giving the opportunity to be involved. We can now share all our crosses on this page, filled it with bright colours, as a celebration and reminder of our risen king!

The submitted designs are shown below

                    Example 1                Example 1

                  Cross 8

                 Susan Young   

                Carol & Ian Cross

 Cross 9

                Cross 3

                Cross 3

       Cross 1

       Cross 7

              Cross 4

            Cross 10

              Cross 11

      Cross 12

                Cross 13

                  Cross 14

            Cross 15

                    Cross 16

              Cross R Thompson

                      Cross M Daley

          Cross J Ross

                    Cross I Thompson

             Cross adams

                 Cross 18 2   

               Cross 19

                   Easter Cross Deirdre

               Easter Cross 20

                  Easter Cross 21