The Methodist Church, along with the whole Christian community, believes each person has a value and dignity which comes directly from God’s creation of male and female in God’s own image and likeness. Christians regard this image as being affirmed and continued in the new creation in Christ. Among other things, this implies a duty to value all people as bearing the image of God and therefore to protect them from harm.

Haywards Heath Methodist Church is committed to the safeguarding and protection of all children and vulnerable adults and affirms that the needs of children and vulnerable adults are paramount.

We are determined to ensure that Haywards Heath Methodist Church is a safe place for young and old alike to worship, play and learn together without fear of being harmed.

“There is a growing understanding that protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults is at the core of our faith. Safeguarding is about creating churches that are a safe space for everyone; a space where children can flourish and adults can live up to their potential. It is about enabling everyone to come to Jesus without stumbling blocks of abuse, ignorance, fear, compassion fatigue or the failure to recognise the experiences that so many carry within our communities."

Elizabeth Hall, Safeguarding Advisor, Methodist Church in Britain

Safeguarding Policy for the Methodist Church
Policy for this church
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