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If you can sing, play an instrument or are otherwise interested in music, you will be welcome to join the Music Ministry of this Church where music has always played a prominent rôle. A full choir sings an anthem at each morning Service and a small orchestra often provides hymn accompaniment and occasional music, supplementing a team of regular organists.

As well as contributing to the regular Sunday worship, the Choir sometimes sings special services such as Evensong or set services for the various Church festivals and seasons.  These often provide opportunities for people who do not always sing in the Choir.

Occasionally we have an Ad Hoc Choir morning for all-comers, meeting at 9.00am to learn an easy anthem for that day’s service. The coffee and croissant is a popular attraction on these mornings!

The Music Director is Mrs Wendy Sawyers

Organists and Pianists are:
Mrs Judith Miller, Mrs Carol Payne, Mr Phillip Sear and Mr Richard Sutcliffe

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